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Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Jackie is safely back home again so the house is quiet and I am missing her company. We had a great walk around the area yesterday morning, once again in glorious sunshine, met a few more of the neighbours who were outside gardening etc. In the afternoon I started the job of painting the hall. As I was putting the colour on, I couldn't help but think that there was a theme going on, which is totally sub-conscious I swear, but possibly worth a laugh or two. It suddenly occurred to me what the colour reminded me of.............but, hey, I am leaving that for people to decide themselves!! I like it, nice and peaceful and as it is perfect for the accessories we already have to go in the hall, I am glad I chose it. The other walls are going to be different so I think the overall look will be marvellous, ha!ha! Bet you are curious now!!

I have an addled brain at the moment, something that happens when I am forced to question and look at things from a perspective other than my own, and it confuses and upsets me, makes me sad and angry and unpredictable in my decision-making. Always happens when my friends visit, which is not their fault, but it is only ones true friends who can say things to you that no-one else can, and since their opinions matter to me, they are bound to affect me somewhat wouldn't you agree? I get all tangled up in mixed emotions and find it takes time for all that to settle down again. I didn't sleep well enough and I was awake and miserable this morning so it is taking me some time to get going today. Hm, reminds me that I have to think about how to get to my course next week - the thought of role-play/getting to know the other participants/information gathering/the strangeness of 'new' things - all rambling around in my head with no-one to hear.....................
Sue xx

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