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Friday, 22 October 2010

Feeling a tad better

Not a great week for me really, felt pretty awful at times but am now on the mend thank goodness. I start my course tomorrow so was hoping to be up for it with no more problems from the infection!! Only nerves I have are about finding the place; I am not one for driving in large cities and Amsterdam is large!! We have gone through the route and I have enough print-outs to fell a tree, but it is not the same when you are in traffic and suddenly find yourself in the wrong lane wanting to turn left.............and this from a girl who fearlessly used to drive across London when necessary!!! Paris, done that too, but never ever going to attempt an Italian city!! Oh and German autobahns are a definite no no. So, on that basis, finding my way tomorrow will be easy peasy................I think there are about 10 of us on the course looking at the email addresses I received this week. Mainly women too I would think, and possibly English and American names so a mixed bag of nationalities I imagine. Just need to gather my belongings together today so that I am not scrambling around in the morning.
What shall  I wear for goodness sake?!!! Totally forgotten I need to think about that!!!

Tim had a good chat at the bakery yesterday and is looking forward to starting there now. I sat in the freezing cold of the car whilst he was there, and was surrounded by an intense olfactory aroma I recognised: Apple Tart! Millions of them being baked right behind where I had parked - it smelt divine!! Wonder if they do doggy bags for young students to take home to their mums?.........Tim came out munching on a biscuit so he was happy. He starts on 4 November so not long to wait now. He has even succumbed to a haircut this morning so that's where we are heading shortly. ('bout time too Tim)!!! Me, I'm putting it off until November so that I am all set for my trip. I fear this time the front will be completely white and the rest a smattering of grey/brown/black/white but no false colour any more.....aah! Times is hard folks!!

On the keep fit /fuel saving/eco front I have bought a second-hand bike so that I can cycle more and get fit. My old second-hand one which has served her ten years well with me now, has just about hit rock bottom but will do for visitors, so I have changed my nice saddle over to the new one and am just waiting for an opportunity to take her for a trial ride. Maybe not today as it is cold and I have been unwell, but then again, a little twirl around the block would open my tubes and do me some good so I'll see. I have other activities in mind for later today!! Maybe even getting the coatrack hung and the mirror?

I thought of something else but it has skipped my mind now that I wandered into pleasanter dreams, so bye bye!
Sue xx

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