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Friday, 29 October 2010

Friday morning, early dawning

Having slept better  I woke up to the strangest dream about cows who had never seen another animal until they met some sheep whom they then assumed were cows like themselves and that this is what they looked like!! A sort of ugly duckling story! I think it has to do with me deciding what to eat this Saturday when our friends are here for dinner. They don't eat pork...or is it lamb....or was it beef..no, I think it's pork, so I was looking at all sorts of recipes last night before choir and came down to chicken ( what a surprise!) but then again, what sort of chicken? I started with a curry, then went more mediterranean, then thought about using the slow-cooker as this is practical and easy, but which version of my favourite recipe to choose; simple or more complicated but better tasting............the curry takes a long time, start today if decide on that, but better for my diet..............anyway, sheep, cows, all the same to me apparently!!!!

Then I moved onto dreaming about ideas for starting off my essay for my course. Boy, thinking about that already Suzanne?! I have something I want to write to start it off so I am up bright and early in order to get it into the computer pages and not forget that I had the idea later on.

Got the track for the curtains though - by hook or by crook, right?! Exchanged my signature for a ride, seemed fair to me and all above board. It is so long!

I was a tiny bit pleased last night because I finally got to hear about how the girl I helped with her poem for  her school exams got on. I had been wondering about it. Anyway, she gave me a huge hug and said thank you and then told me that she has now submitted the poem, her own version and then the one she altered after I had made some suggestions about how to improve it etc. She said the tutor felt that the second version was 10 times better and that her grade will be top marks!! She also told me I ought to be the teacher, yer, I would so love that. Maybe this is something I need to put in my essay about my specialism later on.....................

But now it is time to get dressed and face the day. It is now 7.32am and there is an appointment at the vets to get to this morning, and a far nicer one this afternoon!!
Sue xx

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