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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Thwarted at every turn; bah! humbug!

So it went like this:
went to the supermarket near us........hadn't been there for ages........under total re-construction.
decided to try the same one but in Andijk............diversions along the road towards here......took me for ever.......but worked out in the end.
went to sewing shop and asked for a bobbin...........what machine do you have? a Singer from 1982. hmm......finally she returned with a few that would fit so bought 4. you never know when I might need more than the one.
got the material ready, did the sides and tape along the top of one......so far, sew good you think......but no, I ran out of heading tape so not enough for the second one! do they sell this in Holland? No! can I find some spare in the attic? No!
went to buy the curtain track from the Gamma. found what we wanted, paid and then tried to stuff it in my little car.....no way was 350cm of metal rod going to fit in Phoebe!!! took it to the desk and asked if I could collect it later or on Friday, depending on when a good soul comes along prepared to get it for me in their larger more smarter vehicle????? total frustration now setting in folks!
going to hem the other curtain ready so that it will be ready for some tape if I can have some sent over from the UK, otherwise it will be a long wait until December, and I will not be happy!
Sue xx

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