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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Eau d'emulsion

It is hard not to smell of paint when you have been busy for a couple of days, but despite my best efforts to clean up and dress freshly, I can still smell the fumes around me which are overpowering the last drops of my perfume and getting right up my nose!! Why is it that DIY involves more cleaning up and preparing tasks than actually getting the job done?! I have washed and scrubbed my paint pots til they shine, and my wonderful B&Q paint brushes have been lovingly placed back in the cupboard to await their next task, and the ladder is gone and the floor has been intimately searched for the very smallest of paint spots and we are done. Well, almost..................
The surprise of the day was finally - tan, tan tara!!!! - receiving our Bosch 100 piece set which was free when we bought a tool way back in July. It is magnificent. 100 separate pieces that look useful and mysterious to me. Round ones, things that twist, light up, measure, drill...........you name it, we've got it!!!!
It was obviously worthwhile waiting for it anyway, which we are happy about.
I have another niggle today about the car. Phoebe is all nicely washed and polished this week but when I was putting petrol in today I thought I ought to check the tyre pressures as well. But the air went in all wrong...............I seem to have got too much in the front and just right in the back; rather like Goldilocks!! I  set it correctly but there was a distinct lack of peeping when the front tyres were being filled, yet the perfect peep when I did the rear ones. So!! What to do now?
My tummy is rumbling so I think dinner would be the answer - Pooh would be proud of me!!!
Sue xx

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