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Friday, 29 October 2010

Theory into practice worked!

Whenever one of the cats needs to visit the vets, the other cat seems to smell the difference, the pure scent of the vets or something, and acts mean towards the other one; well, I am talking Genghis really.  He hates the vets and runs away and hides when he spots their carrier in the hall, but if we take Finka and she comes home and tries to get some sympathy and a cuddle from the Geng, he is just all angry and grizzly towards her and tries to make her go away, which she doesn't understand naturally. So I had this idea of taking Genghis with us in the same carrier as Finks and seeing what happened when we got home. They were stuffed in quite snug in the carrier but then again, they sit on top of one another constantly at home so they actually had more space in there! Once at the vets, Finka had the necessary attention etc and Genghis sat in the carrier and watched from a safe distance!! Even got a sweetie, aah. So far so good we thought, and it does seem to have worked! No growling, no unnecessary biting and grumbling, and they are cosied up together as usual on their cushion - hurray!! We seem to have found the key to happiness!!

Anyway, I am now going to see whether I can saw the curtain track to the correct length..............for the record, I have eight fingers and two thumbs before I start!!!
Sue xx

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