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Monday, 11 October 2010

The weekend workers

Jackie enjoying the terraces of Schagen after a hard days shopping!!

Settting the plumb line to start the wallpapering in our hall.

First paste going on the wall!! Yippee, it is really happening!!

More troops arrived as Gebke popped in for an hour or so which speeded things up a little.

A tall boy comes in handy for right up in the highest corner on the stairs. He managed it well so hey,, hey, next time I need help, he will be called on again!!

Yes! Jackie finishing the last piece of paper above the kitchen door.

You are wondering what I was doing in all this - apart from taking the photos!! I was helping too, and we shared out the tasks of cutting, pasting and hanging so really although no-one took a picture of me, I was doing my part too. It is a sort of paper that sticks firmly to the wall, for ever, and then you paint over it to get the  finished result, as at the moment all the old marks and lumps and bumps on the walls are still apparent. Great stuff for this sort of uneven surfaces and easy to handle as you can never have too much paste!!! We are proud of our efforts anyway, and hopefully by the end of the week I will have painted it as well, and be ready to add the accessories to finish the 'look' off.
Oh, and I have a small present for you! We were in the shop where I bought the coffee table, and I saw a little something which was perfect for here, and the nice lady there gave it to me free of charge!! I was really surprised and delighted, so there you are; good things happen when you least expect them.
Today we are going out for lunch and a lovely walk around one of the old villages here nearby. The weather is good so I think it will be very pleasant. Have a nice day yourselves!!
Sue xx

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