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Saturday, 2 October 2010


So the first round is over and although there are a lot of possible contenders this year, my money is on Matt right now. This is a terrible photo of him however; he is so nice really! Ann and Anton got the attention we all knew they deserved but I do fear for her Samba............and Anton's feet! He is the perfect partner for her and I see her as another John Sargent type..............so my guess is that Ola and Paul will go first now that I have seen the whole line-up dance. Roll on next Saturday!
We had a very pleasant autumn day in the end. The sun came out and I was able to sit in the garden between jobs and enjoy the sun on my face. It is raining again now of course, but tomorrow ought to be fine as well so the weeding is next on my to-do list. And making space for the spare bed and sorting out the attic with Tim - maybe even getting my last cupboard up, dare I say it?... so lots to do and then the weekend is over.
I had an unexpected treat today when my mother, sister and brother-in-law ( well, you are in the Dutch sense of the word John! ) all rang to talk to me! How nice I thought.............until I realised that they are not quite getting my blog log-in right: 'bag lady scrapes'????!!!!! John, John, this is not way to speak to a lady surely?....not even one made of paper?!! ;-) And as for philosophy - try 'Buddism for Sheep', you'll get more out of it than Proust! Just the right amount of sincerity mingled with humour and truth. Plus it is easy to read!!! And won't take 10 minutes let alone 10 years!!
Then Becci rang for a long chat which was very nice. Caught up with her work and love life and all that is happening at the moment, plus the promise of coming here in January which is wonderful news. She is still in the thrall of the cosmos and since it appears to be working for her, go Becci! My feeling is, if it feels that right, and you know it is worth going after it, don't be put off by anyone else's opinion, just see how it all turns out, and add a little push in the right direction when you think it is necessary. Obviously enlisting the help of Heathcliff is a good move!
Sue xx

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