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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Paint, paint, and more paint!

Not that I am complaining you understand - I am enjoying the metamorphosis our house is undergoing, and  despite every bone in my body aching this evening, I feel I made good progress today. Two coats on one wall and all the others have one lick of paint all over so only one more round to do tomorrow. Hopefully, if the paper has been perfectly painted over. Then it will be onto the adding of the accessories, which I enjoy the most, of course, and then I will have to continue papering up the stairs and into the landing upstairs. And I notice that the door frames need doing and the doors are now not the right colour for the rest of the scheme and under the stair treads above our heads it is not painted properly.....................maybe I can ignore that for the time being!?
My head is still fuzzy though I think that is from tiredness more than confusion which is progress I think you will agree. Though if I were being honest, then my quote of the day would have to be from Dickens:
"please, Sir, can I have some more?"
Sue xx

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