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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Enjoy in Enkhuizen

Sunday 7th November is koopkorendag in Enkhuizen. During the day various choirs will be singing in the stores around the town, including ours, so if you are interested in a good day out, shopping for Sinterklaas or Christmas, Enkhuizen is the place to be this day! We took part last year as well, singing Hallelujah amongst the lacy lingerie and swimwear and the shoe shop. The music is so diverse as the choirs are great and small, and from all genres, so there is entertainment to suit everyones taste." Come one, come all"!!
( I know that is a quote from some book or other? )

'Hey ho, a day to sew'
well, at least that is my intention this morning!
Going to get the shopping done early on, so better get cracking glancing at the time - whoops! - and then go to the Gamma for my track and the sewing shop for the other necessities. Let you know how I get on!!
Sue xx

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