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Saturday, 30 October 2010

Enjoying life

The ups and downs of it that is!!! :-)
Yesterday my final choice of what to cook for our friends was ....( fanfare....) Chicken Tikka Masala! So I busied myself marinading the chicken - lots of garlic and garam masala - one lick of the spoon and wow!
That was good, all done. Cleaned the house throughout including the cats dirt tray of course.....put everything back in its place and thought, well done Suuz!! Even found time for a little study too.
So I came downstairs this morning early doors and discovered that I had neatly replaced the dirt tray the wrong way around!!! Our poor cats had been cut off from their loo for a day and a night!! So how had they coped? This morning they both went in it together, so desperate were they, and I went on the hunt for the smell that was lingering in the living room, and discovered it before too long. Poor things, they had done their best but the nicest way to put it is that we now have a new armchair and settee cover and their basket is in the shed!!! So I was busy making meringues around 7am this morning and the fruit salad and hoovering the stairs etc before heading off for Amsterdam Ikea at 8.45am!!! In and out like a flash, hardly any time spent lingering, looking, measuring, toting up, adding to basket, no sir-ree, I was back home before you could say ' money well spent'!! There was a thought in my head before I went that I might get my bookcases because they are reduced too right now, but the price of the cover and then the spectacular offer on the chair meant that they have to wait for another day sadly. I had measured everything before I went too ( you'd be proud of me!) and knew what was what, but ah well, I am very pleased with the room now, and have no regrets ( really?...well, a couple...bookcases).
Once home I made the sauce for the pot and got the room in order and had just enough time for a cup of coffee before our friends arrived. We had a lovely time together, and they had brought all their photos of their recent trip to America, so we looked at those as well, and the meal was great - love that Lidl Samosa's and onion bhaji's have in stock now!! And Tim was on form and it was 'gezellig' and a good time was had by all. Just done the washing up and tidied round and changed the clocks - yes, winter is officially upon us, and headed for bed.

Just a thought: how can the tax office decide I am entitled to some money as a single parent, and then pay it to my ex-husband instead? Even though it was my account number on the application form and not his? And the reason for the benefit is because I am divorced from him and earning a low wage???
And he doesn't need it either?!!! Hey ho, that's what I will be asking them first thing Monday morning!!
Sue xx

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