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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Rush of blood to the head

  " There is no try, there is just Do or NOT DO"
        - Yoda (Star Wars)

Today I started work with a terrible headache which slowly went during the day but came back later on. I am not sure why I have it, but I can do without it that's for sure!!! However, it was a quiet and enjoyable day as I was working with our student and a volunteer, and that made life an awful lot easier for me! Now I am home, sitting at my computer playing with numbers to see whether I have enough for the afzuigcap or not!! I think it will be a question of putting some money aside and then adding to it at the end of next month............depending on how much it is going to cost to get Finka's jabs and my own!!! I hate injections. Now I have to have three, and I am not looking forward to them at all! I have put it off until next week.........maybe I will be braver then......but I cannot escape having them, so the 'do' or 'not do' refers to my struggle with that and the reason I need to have them makes it all worthwhile in the end. That's the theory...when my arm is throbbing and I feel awful, maybe I will be singing a different tune!!!
Sue xx

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