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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Genghis the Brave

Me too actually, for daring to allow him to venture out in the dark last night for the first time! He is a sensible old boy though, and does listen to my whistling when I call him back. He doesn't go too far I suspect, and during the day he is still rather wary of the neighbourhood cats, so I think this is his solution to  getting outside here. He appeared from across the way when I stood at the corner of our street and whistled him, and then we walked sedately home together. Finka goes crazy when he is not around, sitting by the front door waiting for him to return. She is potty about her furry friend!!
I seem to have done something painful to my neck when I was climbing up the steep steps to the storage part of our department on Monday carrying large sacks of shredded paper. Ouch! It does hurt and my range of movement is rather limited so not nice when driving the car. We shred lots of paper at work and these sacks go to an animal sanctuary for the dogs, cats etc to sleep on and so on. The guy came for it all yesterday and I felt happy that we were doing our bit to support such a worthy organisation.
And now it is my last day-for a while at least. My clients are excited about the return of my colleague next week as they have really missed him, and I know he will have plenty of humorous anecdotes to amuse them with on Monday. Still, they would have me back I think next time he wants a break!
Like the song? It was on the radio yesterday when I was on my way to work.
I have found a great program for playing with photos that is something to do with Alienskins......there is a free 60 day trial which I am going to download and try. I liked what I saw and it seemed easy enough, so that is my 'new thing to do' this month. I am not good with photoshop but that is because I don't practice enough or regularly, so something quick, uncomplicated and different might be just my thing. Confidence of having done a mosaic master heart I hear you saying !!! Well, maybe, but I will have a go anyway.
Now, time to get ready for work. Still very dark outside this morning, and no beautiful sunrise like yesterdays which was stunning. However, there is still time.
Enjoy your day too.
Sue xx

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