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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Winter time!

Hmm, the time might have changed during the night but my own body clock still woke me up at the usual six oclock so what is a girl to do then? Get up, make tea, feed the cats, let Genghis out, cuddle Finka and sit at my computer to blog gaze awhile. I will be tired later on, that's for sure but right now, I am wide awake (and nothing better to do)!!
Not that it has been a waste of time, on the contrary, I have been browsing lovely ideas for this years Christmas Cards which I now need to start producing if I want to make my own again......November tomorrow!! And ideas for hand-made gifts which is probably what I need to aim for as well given the budget I am on, but also my commitment to all things hand-made. Art Journey has some lovely stamps from Stampendous again.........drool..........I still need to unpack so much of my hobby stuff though; that is never-ending! Can't buy more Suzanne!

I've stuck well to my healthy eating this past week and am now rewarded by a 2.9kilo loss!! I am using the Dukan Diet if anyone is interested - saves having to buy all those shakes etc and food substitutes and works just as well I think. My goal is to lose another 4 kilos before my visit to England in a months time. There, I've said it out loud so it is on record and I have to aim for it!!! I keep a record of progress on my computer as a sort of diet diary, and take a photo once a week to see if I can actually notice the difference...so tomorrow I have to take this weeks picture. Handy, having that mirror in the hall, isn't it?!!!
But now I am feeling the strain of being awake for two hours and think I will go back to the warmth of my bed. Bye!
Sue xx

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