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Monday, 1 November 2010

Frustration runneth over!!!

Dealing with official letters from the tax office, the bank, the health insurance.........oh what a morning I am having!!! You can hear in their voices that they want you to get off the line sooner rather than later and that they are trained to remain calm at all cost, and to repeat what you have said to them back to you in an effort to avoid an angry customer shouting at them! All well and good, but it would be oh so nice if they would just acknowledge it when they have made a mistake. I was pleasant and patient but  I wanted to be sure I understood what was being said to me correctly and that takes time. Phew!! The lady at my bank was far nicer and I appreciated her assistance much more for her pleasant and helpful manner. The others have a lot to learn from someone like her!!! I suppose in the end things were sorted out, but what I find incredibly hard to accept is that if the tax office accidentally pays your money to someone else, then unless it happens to be a family member, the chance of you getting it back is zero!! Thankfully it went to my ex-husband and he is honest enough not to keep something not meant for him, so we can be relieved about that! Otherwise, down the swanney!!!

Ok, this is not stopping the clock from ticking towards my appointment at the doctors so better face up to it and get going. I am going to dig up my Clematis from the old house this morning as well, as it is an  ideal time now to replant it here, and it is a gorgeous plant given to me by a dear friend, so it has special meaning to me.
Sue xx

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