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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Printer pets etc

You are never alone with a Siamese!

....they come in pairs!!!!
Yes, whatever or wherever I might be, there they are. This time I was busy on my computer and both cats felt the need to see what I was doing, so they took up squatters rights next to me beside the keyboard and on the printer!!
At the moment they are not feeling very well. Genghis has got a cold I think and Finka has pink eyes again so she is resisting my attempts at putting the eye cream in both of her eyes. Still, it has to be done.
My friend has gone home again this afternoon so I have busied myself painting the hall. I went to choose the paint for the long wall, and bought the one I fancied......got it home, started painting and just had to chuckle because I know exactly what you are going to say when you see it!! In fact I could place a bet and win!! It is the right colour for the final overall scheme, rest assured by that, but it depends on whether your vision is the same as mine I suppose.........I have decided in my minds eye which accessories are going in the hall once it is finished so the complete look is decided, but for anyone just calling now when I am in the middle of things, it will possibly look odd, strange, different, unusual, quirky, what ever name you want for it! But I am convinced it will look chic and splendid in the final analysis, so there! Tim came home and just said "it's.............." ( name of colour) and nothing more. He has got his placement details today - moving onto another subject entirely - so between 4 November until February he will be working at Bakerij Stevers here in Zwaagdijk, almost next to where he works on Saturdays. It is not a shop, but rather the bakery itself, so we are curious as to what that experience will be like for him. He dashed off to fitness almost as soon as he came home, muttering that I have to leave it to him to sort out the initial interview etc. so mums the word!
Well, one coat, one wall, tomorrow is another day!
Sue xx

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