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Thursday, 7 October 2010

Sometimes its not the choosing, it's the deciding!!!

What is the difference?
Does wishing on a star really work?
Why do lightbulbs blow in pairs?
Why do we see shapes in the fog that are not there?
Which coffee tastes best first thing in the morning?
Why are warm towels such a luxury?
Will this early morning fog delay flights to Schiphol today including my friend Jackie's?
What is the best time to buy the train tickets if I am not sure about the fog?
Where to go Saturday.......

As you can tell, I am not yet fully awake and functioning this morning but at the same time, I have been awake most of the night so that is not strictly true! Where does tiredness come into it? The awake or the half asleep part? Cup half empty or half full dilemma?
Saying thank you to the lads and lasses at work yesterday was actually quite emotional for me. I had lots of hugs and the odd kiss or two, and when I left I was sad not to be seeing them again for some time. It had been a tough day with some hard work in it but I felt I handled it well and that pleased me. It's not the sort of thing I talk about, but we got there in the end and that is what counts. Some of them didn't understand that  I wouldn't be there on Monday though!
The fog this morning is almost pea soup thick here. Genghis is out in it but this is the worst so far this year I guess. He will be the white phantom if he meets anyone at this early hour!!!
Finka is on her cushion here with me.
Tim is asleep.
Ann and I have exchanged emails ages ago!
We have talked.
The rads are on warming my towels!
I have to go to Kwikfit for my lightbulb.
Nescafe......jury still out on this one!
I hope so.
Sue xx

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