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Monday, 25 October 2010

Coughing 'n spluttering!

"Here I sit,
at crack of dawn,
aching, creaking, and
stifling yawn.
Oh how nice
it would be
if someone brought
a cup of tea"!!

No chance, but then again the cats have not mastered making tea as yet! Ouch, my head hurts this morning, and my nose is sore and my throat is sore and I feel horrible. Go away cold!!!
What are the good things about this morning?
I have got my plans more organised for my trip in December now that various friends have sent emails and confirmed we will be seeing one another, goody.
I have found all the magazines with Christmas Fare in so that I can decide what I need to buy when in the UK for our Christmas meals etc.
I have made a list!
I have resolved to start my healthy eating/living style as of this morning! The book is open, the cupboard is bare, so no excuse not to buy what I can eat the coming 10 days, and I have got to get my bike out this afternoon and cycle to the sewing shop! I have given myself a timeframe and a goal so hopefully I will remember it each day and keep my determination high. I need to feel fitter, indeed I do!
I found a perfume I liked whilst using up all the samples I had squirreled away for when my usual one ran out, which it now has, so 'necessity is the mother of invention' as Einstein said, and I have stumbled on one I would otherwise never have tried! I smell divine! :-)
Hmm, run out of steam now as my head is throbbing and I need to get moving otherwise  I will never get stuff done!
Sue xx

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