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Sunday, 17 October 2010

Little better

I finally got to sleep last night and was able to feel comfortable after a while, although the infection has not disappeared yet. I am coping, best I can say.
It is a beautiful day so there was nothing else for it but to get outside and clean windows!! Not my favourite job, but one that gets done on days such as these. I also got the garden raked and tidied after the trampling it got from the painters out front, so feel good about what I have achieved this morning. The eternal round of washing and ironing is in full swing as well, so since I am going out this afternoon I think I had better get the slow cooker slowly cooking!!!
I am enjoying words right now. I am helping someone with their English written task for a school exam and I am loving it!!! I do so enjoy being involved with this sort of project and I hope that it ends up a ten for her. I am only allowed to advise, suggest, discuss, point out etc as it has to be entirely original and the work of the person doing it, but that is fine. A sort of coaching really!
The fridge is not working properly which is causing me some concern this weekend. The fan has stopped going round...........and I feel sure that is not a good thing?! It is still cold in the fridge but a little condensation is forming on the shelves and back..............not a good sign? I hope it is a minor problem that can easily be solved because I love our fridge!!!
And the afzuigcap - I have now seen the same one on two sites and at the same price only the discount varies from the original cost to what they are offering it for! I think an 80cm one is the likely candidate as there is not quite enough room for the 90cm. It is nice, not too cluttered for the small space it has to go in, more than I really want to pay, ( naturally) but possibly the best choice unless we can find something similar for less money. However, if the fridge is beggared then that has to come first. You can tell I am just thinking aloud here, right? Rambling on with my own thought processes instead of concentrating on writing something terribly interesting for you all...........sorry!! Comes from spending too much time on my own I suppose. Beloved son is not interested in these dull domestic issues, preferring to keep out of the way unless food or drink is being offered him! Anyway, other things are calling for my attention now, so here's hoping you are enjoying the same sunny autumn day as me.
Sue xx

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