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Sunday, 3 October 2010

Sun seekers

Whilst I was busy getting the spare bed down from the attic and ironing and moving furniture etc Finka and Genghis were sunning themselves on my snug windowsill. It was the spot with the most sun this morning and where I am they usually can be found as well, so it was hup! onto the cushion I keep there  for their pleasure, and a swift stretch and a yawn and........back to sleep again! Someone once commented that if they could be reincarnated, they wanted to come back as one of my cats!!! Pampered or not, they are the sweetest creatures ever and deserve our love. At the moment the sun is still in the back garden so Genghis is out on his chair while Finka keeps me company on her cushion, not quite snoring but it wouldn't surprise me! This is my mid-day rest.  I am toying with the idea of some baking but then again, maybe not. I got the weeding out of the way quite quickly which was helpful, and later on my friend is coming over for dinner and a chat. Will be nice to see her and hear the latest!! So perhaps thinking about the fact that she loves scones, I ought to go down and bake a few for her.........
Sue xx

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