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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Paint inside and out!

There was a letter through the door this morning informing us that the housing corporation are about to start painting the outside of the houses in our street - the guttering etc - so we are going to get scaffolded any time soon!! I am happy about it as this is a good time to do it, before the winter, and it will pretty the house up no end! The firm doing it seems to belong to the guy who lives opposite us, so he will not have far to go each morning! Good opportunity to get to know a neighbour maybe. Bound to want the odd cup of coffee I imagine?!
At this point in the day there is little to add really, only that I am doing top coats today and working tomorrow so that gives me the incentive to get finished with the emulsion before the weekend. Then back up into the attic for another search through the boxes trying to find the one elusive one that I really, really want to find and can't locate as yet. S'pect it is the one right at the back in the far corner, barely reachable and under everything else.............
Sue xx

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