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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Day one behind me

I am able to say that the first day on my course went well, interesting and informative and I am sure that I am doing what lies closest to my heart by taking on this new direction in my working life. The drive was as easy as I had been told it would be, thank goodness, although still pretty scary- negotiating driving and walking over tram lines in particular!! The weather in the afternoon was atrocious, so not pleasant coming back home, but I also know that I am a country mouse by nature and that the big cities are not for me at all. How happy was I once the roads narrowed and all I could see were fields and pretty farmhouses!!
I have done my homework this morning, as it is going to be essential to keep a sort of written record of every practical session in order to write my extended essays later on, and am looking forward to starting the study group sessions that have to take place every month. More than this  I cannot talk about as it is obviously a private and confidential and ethical condition of this type of course/work. I feel positive.

I was also happy to receive news from a couple of friends back home whom I haven't heard from recently, and hope to see soon. Ann came round for Strictly last night, which was fun! I think Anton has the best humor possible, and his relationship with Anne W is blossoming into something special. My respect for her deepens. The talent on this years show is already 'a-ma- zing, darling', in Craig's words, and I think Matt and his partner are incredible. I still feel that Pamela is pretty special, she looks like a born dancer every week, and her partnership with James is super. They are well matched!!! Good to see Billy Connolly in the audience this week supporting his wife. How fantastic to watch your partner doing something like Strictly?
But today it is a day to relax and look for my curtain heading tape which I absolutely know I have got, but cannot place exactly in my minds eye, and the sewing machine. Hmm, I am determined my dears!!!
Sue xx

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