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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Strictly Amazing!

Last night I went round to friends to enjoy and judge ( now we are '3 on the settee'!) the first 7 pairs of this years Strictly. The standard is amazing already, and it is obvious that once a gymnast, always a gymnast is the motto for Becci's favourite Matt Baker. Wow! Can he move!!! Onto the floor with a foreward flip, first outing.......got to be impressive. Even Craig was nice about the routine, totally ignoring the 'props'!!!! Initial  showing would suggest that Ola will not be around much longer this year as her partner has not got what it takes, and I feel that the viewers will swing more towards Ann Widdecombe and Anton than Ola and Paul. And Pamela Stevenson was beautiful; but can she rumba?!!! Anyway, the standard is set for this evening and the other half of the contestants ought to be nervous now..........all in all it looks like a great season and it makes the run -up to Christmas start with a twirl!!!
It's raining here. The forecast is better for this afternoon so I am going to get my shopping out of the way etc and do all I need to here so that if the rain stops, I can get outside for a while. I slept really poorly last night, tossing and turning, so feel only half awake, but I heard Tim go off to work earlier without feeling the need to get up until an hour later. So the washing is on, the heating is on, Genghis is back in, dried off with the towel and cleaning himself on the settee along with Finka's assistance...two licks are better than one!!!!
I went to investigate small hedging plants on my way home yesterday and am taken with the Berberis, so think that is my plant of choice for between us and the neighbour on the one side...haven't mentioned it yet to the other side, but I think it will be fine when I do. It has a lovely burgundy tint to the leaves this time of year which I rather like, plus the price was surprisingly good. But they are not available for another 3 weeks, so I have plenty of time to save up.
My week in the woodwork department was good in the end. We all got along well, in harmony with our singing, and freeing the town of its paper and cardboard at a good rate. The chaps were great and I enjoyed being with them a lot. Promised cake for next week as they were very interested in what I brought in for my lunch!! So just another 3 days and then my friend Jackie will be here from England - hurrah!! I am so looking forward to having her company here and catching up with all I have missed back home etc. The plan is to tackle the hall downstairs and see whether or not we can manage to decorate it by the end of her stay...............perhaps a tall order but if we don't aim high, we'll never know!!!!
Sue xx...ooh, rain stopping I do believe................

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