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Thursday, 7 October 2010


It appears that the Erasmus University has got a Happiness Measurement Tool on the internet whereby one can measure how happy you are against other people in a similar position to yourself. I thought I would try it! It was brief, covered basis questions and took less than a minute to complete (I estimate) and at the end of it I discovered that I am way happier than the average Dutch, single, 51 year old, parent with hardly any income and a child living at home!! BUT......what does that mean for me I wonder? Am I naturally a happy bunny with more than my fair share of Seratoin floating around in my body, so no matter what my circumstances I tend to be fairly optimistic about life? Or do I have a morbid tendency to rate my happiness higher than it really is because I am more of a cup half full sort of gal? Or are other people less positive about themselves so cannot rate their emotions reliably for this sort of questionnaire.....I found it to be the sort of thing that tells you nothing at all in the end - I am no more happy than I was before I found out that I am, in fact, happier than other people like myself. It has changed nothing. Or has it?.............
Sue xx

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