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Monday, 4 October 2010

A good feeling

Yes, I made the scones!! Always so quick and easy and yummy to eat whilst freshly baked and still warm!
I was pretty tired when my friend was here however, and felt rather dullish company last night, but never mind, we enjoyed ourselves so that is all that matters.

And back to work today!  I've been promoted! Allowed to do some painting by my gang, which was great. They are really looking after me well and I am going to miss them when this is over. We had tons of paper and cardboard to sort today and in amongst it all we found some long thin strips of 'schuim' - can't think what the word is in English, sorry! Anyway, they were ideal light sabres........(of course, why didn't you think of that immediately)?!.........so I bagged being Obi Wan whilst one of the lads was, oh, Luke SkyWalker say, and we had a little go at fencing with them!!! Ok, probably not the most grown-up and sensible thing to be doing at work but I simply couldn't resist it once the idea popped into my head that they were perfect for the task!!! No-one else saw us...........no-one will tell on us and we had some fun!!! And that is what life in a sea of paper and cardboard is all about, right? So I didn't mention it to you earlier.........I tell it much better here and it will make your morning start with a smile I hope? I am sure you can picture me, light sabre in hand, making all the appropriate sounds etc................zuummm!!

Just waiting for our new coffee table to arrive. After months of saving up for it, we are expecting it within the next couple of hours. According to one of my clients, I have to hope that it turns up because since I already paid for it they might not deliver it and make off with the money instead! She thought that would be funny....but I am sure it will arrive and the first thing we will do is? Yup, have a cup of coffee!!!!! :-)
Sue xx

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