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Friday, 22 October 2010

All in all...

......a good day.
I took the new bike out for a little trip up the road and back and it felt weird but also better as it was far more comfortable and that bouncing saddle is great!! I went over humps and bumps without a care in the world! I also started my Christmas Shopping- yeh!! My daughter loves little and plenty so her parcels are always super to wrap. There is the traditional chocolate letter ( she knows this of course) and the interesting Christmas Tree decoration ( got a good one this year Becs!) and then the unexpected. Knowing that I will see her in December has led to this flurry of present hunting, as I need to have it all together before meeting her at Mr Darcy's country seat. I am enjoying the challenge as everything I buy for her I could easily choose for myself as our tastes are practically the same. But I would give the game away if I said too much here so mum's the word!! But I KNOW WE WOULD BOTH LOVE NEW PERFUME!!!!!!

We now have our coatrack and mirror hanging sublimely on the wall in the hall. I am so pleased chaps!!! It all looks wonderful and when all the other outstanding jobs are completed it will look a picture ( which I will possibly take and post here). Yes, I am feeling better again, talking non-stop, dreaming up projects for the house and possibly going against the given norm for myself when I say that I am convinced I am onto something with my curtains!!!! They don't believe I will carry out my idea for the curtains....but I will try it and see what I think after that, because I am no lover of the old singer and am still using one I was given when I was 24, which is practically ancient by now, like me, and only able to go up and down with the odd zigzag thrown in for good measure! I only do one width and length......after that it gets too complicated, so I have come up with a good scheme to overcome my inadequacies nicely, and I think it will work. My caveat still holds good for squid and oysters however, so don't go forgetting that I mentioned that at the time!! ;-)
And now I am going to sit down and have a coffee and some lovely banana and walnut loaf which I made yesterday, and watch Sheldon, whom I love dearly because he is so impossible and he makes me laugh out loud.
Sue xx

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