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Sunday, 26 September 2010

When you just know........

......there are not going to be enough hours in your day to achieve all you have thought of in your head!!
First things first though; we woke up to a warm house!!! Hurray! So nice, and not too toasty that I didn't want to leave our bed but just warm enough to encourage me downstairs. And upstairs. And the attic. And down again, and back up...exhausted! I am glad of the huge attic space as it is ideal for drying the mountain of washing facing me this morning, but it is the two flights of stairs that I hate, carrying the ironing up and down afterwards. So I am having a little break before I do more. Though in between I have painted another coat over the door thresholds and they look much better already. Cats are stepping neatly over them without any trouble, and we are just going to have to 'watch our step'!!
It is misty and damp outside at the moment. A day to stay home really and indulge in nice things, but I want to get some stuff organised before the week ahead starts as I am working every day. And that's why the crush of hours today is so frustrating!! But hey, there's always my skype date to look forward to AND my sentimental film time this evening. Life is good!!
Sue xx

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