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Thursday, 23 September 2010

thunder and lightning

Whoa, driving home in this storm was scary!! I don't see well in the dark at the best of times, but this evening it was a constant shower of lightning that gave me the creeps! The rain was really heavy at times and I could barely see the road, so was I glad to get indoors safely. Yuk!! It is still thundering away but the rain has lessened and finally there are gaps between the white lightning strikes so hopefully it is now moving away.
A long day. Work was slow but not without its problems so I was glad when it was over. And tomorrow I am free so plenty to do but at least all within the house walls. Time to pull that wallpaper off from the hall!
Tim has a stinking cold but is well enough to eat!! As though anything could put him off his food! Good thing really, as he is a growing boy............let's leave it at that, shall we? Otherwise I would be tempted to say something else!!
Weekend!! Have a good one.
Sue xx

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