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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Accepting the inevitable

Well, it had to come - the day that I begin to appreciate fully just how different it is going to be now that I have embraced the idea of natural hair colour!! In other words: - grey!! I have just come back from the hairdressers and had as much as I dared chopped off so that the in between phase of growing colour out and allowing white/grey to show through would be as brief as possible. It is different....usually I come home with fresh strong colour and look in the mirror and think ' nice, great, much better'. Now I thought
'whoa!' I have not had this short a cut for years so that is rather scary in itself, and it is far less curly and thick of course, so total change. But maybe that's not a bad thing - I have put on a lovely colourful top and added pretty earrings and necklace and taken my photo. Hmm............takes some getting used to I guess but not too bad....................
My friends flight has been delayed so I guess it will be dark when I pick them up so they won't have to see the full extent of my metamorphosis this evening!!! So that just leaves Tim's reaction and that of my colleagues and clients tomorrow. They are honest to say the least so I will leave further comment up to them!
Sue xx

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