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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

sun and cats go together purrfectly!!

Despite it being wet, Finka still prefers their  proper cushion even when it is on the ground!!

Genghis spreading out with the chair to himself.

Sharing the cushion in the garden on their chair.

Finka's cushion in my snuggery.

Where there is a spot in the sun you will find a cat. And today is no exception, as our two are making the most of a sunny morning in the garden whilst I bake! Well my intention was to get into the attic but time is flying by and I am not really enthusiastic enough to shift millions of boxes around the space! I have unearthed the glassware that was in the bedroom box and done as I said, reduced them by one..........and I intend to take them away later on but at the moment I felt it was nice of me to let the cats enjoy the peace and tranquility outside. Wafting on the air is my Cherry and Almond  Bake - yummy! It smells delicious so roll on coffee time! Actually I am rather late but it can replace my lunch right? Tim has brought home what he made yesterday so our cup runneth over with biscuits at the moment so I think some of them are going with me to work tomorrow as our clients love cookies. Then the temptation is removed from home too ( smart!).
Yesterday it was Shropshire on Escape to the Country and I was really surprised when I saw my friends old house on the telly screen!!! And the shop my mother's cousin used to run....it was fun! Took me back to good times in Shropshire. Maybe Becci and I will take a trip out there if  I go to see her in November? 
Our friends return from their holiday in Italy this afternoon and boy, has the time flown by since they went!!! It is 10 days and seems only like one or two; why does time have the ability to fool our brains like this?......I am picking them up later so will get a message with the train times later this afternoon I suppose once they are on it! Looking forward to hearing all about it. 
So, I have to go now - first mission was accomplished this morning by getting up early to buy the bicycle pump on offer at the supermarket! Silly what things you have to replace when you go your separate ways, and now that Tim is cycling to the train station daily I thought we ought to have one!!! At that price it was sensible to treat ourselves I think.
Coffee definitely calling me now, so enjoy the sun where you are too!!
Sue xx

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