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Friday, 24 September 2010

Mishaps continue to dog my day.....

So nice heating man came and gave me a swish round thermostat that does nothing more than the old one, just looks prettier!! And the temperature difference between the two was 2C so hopefully we will now be warmer! I had a quick lesson in how to save energy, whilst he was enjoying coffee and one of Tim's pastries, and hopefully we can now manage without the expense of buying a new one.
Meanwhile I was busy painting the thresholds downstairs, and of course, today being today, I managed to drop the top of hoover onto one of them leaving a million cat hairs stuck in the wet paint!!! How to get rid of them - anyone?!!! I was annoyed to say the least. But on the positive side, my Roasted Onion and Pepper and Carrot Soup is smelling delicious! A little known recipe, having made it up as I went along this morning, but edible, so that is fine!! My fingernails are a little orange still, from peeling off the skins but since they now have paint scrapes under them as well, who is looking?.................
11.48am..............8 minutes to go!!! ;-)
Sue xx

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