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Sunday, 5 September 2010

Chance to chat

Sitting in the sun having lunch with Tim was really nice today; he was in the mood for talking!!! So we discussed his yearning to play basketball again and the fact that he would need a knee-brace in order to do that, and that his favourite coach and old team-mates would love to have him back...and that he would need to pay his subs himself........and about books and Jacky coming over from America at Christmas, and his internet game and just stuff. I enjoyed it! He was relaxed and talkative which is something one has to grab when offered by a teenager, right?! So we have ordered his last book in the trilogy he is reading, and his beloved Lord of the Rings set, which he is buying himself, with huge discount ( don't you just LOVE Amazon.co.uk!) and now we are doing our own thing again. Such is life! Check out my wishlist sometime!!!
Decisions, decisions m'dear. What do I want and where? how high and how big? Oh, I am going to have to take time out to consider all this!! I suppose deep down I know the answers but I don't want to seem too demanding or explicit and I want to be flexible and easy-going but it is so hard!! Maybe Tim described me perfectly; what d'you think?!
I was thinking that there are different types of people in this world: some are adventurers and others perfectionists; some are laxidaisical and others indifferent. Some need to seek out new ideas or travel the world.......I am just a home-body. I love my home and I love making it feel comfortable and homely and cosy and welcoming and individual, I can be very happy with just that. I suppose I feel un-nerved when I see you looking around and not saying what you are thinking about it all. I would rather know!! Maybe you hate it and it makes you feel uncomfortable and strange? Maybe my taste is so alien to your own that you just don't know how to tell me? So I need the comfort of curtains from my home years ago in order to feel I belong here? I can make them fit!! Maybe I am not modern and straight-lined and matched to the hilt?! Maybe I attach far too much sentiment to things I have been given by friends over the years and have to find the right place for them in every house I live in. But this is who I am  and it is too late to think I can ever change. Maybe right now I am just being a prickly pear!!!?
Sue xx

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