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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Sunday morning

........definitely eating my breakfast with a cup of coffee whilst I blog!!:-)

Lots of printing to do for choir this morning; time to pick up my tasks as secretary, ladies! We are singing again at the Enkhuizen Koopkoren Festival on 7th November so we have started learning new songs for the repertoire starting with "The Longest Time" by Bill Joel. I like the song so that makes it easier to want to sing so I am sure it will become one of our better ones. I cannot abide singing doo whah doo all the time I am sorry to say!! This time the soprano's are taking the tenor part and the alto's are the melody/ sopranos......I guess because of the range required for both parts and without a single man left standing in the choir now, we are doing a shuffle with the harmonies. However the arrangement is fine with this song and we get our share of the melody too, so I cannot get grumpy about this one! Anyway, we enjoyed the festival last year so looking forward to singing in the shops again this time.

Looking out of the window it is grey and cold. Inside we have two weather extremes: Siberian cold or Sahara hot!! Oh boy, this heating is going to be the death of me!! It only comes on at 21C and we boil within half an hour, so have to switch it off and then an hour later we are reaching for extra pullies cos we are freezing cold!!!! There is no way to regulate it either so it is a question of leaping out of bed at 6am and switching it on so that at 6.30am we can get out in the warm and shower etc, so guess how many colds we can expect this winter????? I suspect that we need to buy that other thermostat............soon!!!
And I also notice that with the cooler weather, when I am cooking, the whole kitchen turns into a steam room as I don't have an extractor for the oven yet..............so my priorities are shifting with the seasonal changes really. Imagine at Christmas: I won't even be able to find the turkey if we are so steamed up!! I won't be saying 'bah, humbug' but 'bah, steam!'
Right now I have to get up and on with the washing-ironing and other tasks, not with great enthusiasm I confess, but there suddenly appears to be several weeks worth in the basket that Tim brought up to the attic this morning.....
Sue xx

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