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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Nice surprise!

I was just switching on my computer about an hour and a half ago, and about to click away my Skype when I was called on it!! Total coincidence, but there, on the screen, larger than life was.....(Becci) Spot's daddy!! Ha!Ha! Yes, my very old friend who gave Spot to Becci when she was a little girl, was saying "Hi". He now lives in Cheshire which is about as far removed from London as I ever imagined he would go, and sounds very well indeed. He is living there for his work but his heart is definitely still in the south so going back is on the cards I would imagine. Funny how people never really change isn't it? I probably haven't spoken to him for many years - hazard a guess at around 6 years but then only on email.....and as for having seen one another, that has to be around the Spot Time, so 20ish? He was finding it hard to get used to the countryside and the isolation ( well, all one needs is a pub, right?!) and I was finding it hard to understand why he was sat at home and not down at Bridgemeer Garden Centre having a wonderful time walking around that huge paradise of plants and everything else one could hope to find there! I used to drive there with Becci when she was a baby, with my aunt, when we wanted a good day out, so have very fond memories of his area. I lived in the south for many years but always consider myself a northerner and he is the other way round, so sometimes there is no getting away from one's roots, is there?
Anyway, we had a lovely time catching up with one another, and since we have been friends since I was about 13, we go back a very long way! Of course, not being in regular contact with one another, it is always me who seems to have changed direction, got divorced, moved to another country etc. when we do cross paths, so hearing that he had moved out of London was shocking!!! Usually nothing has altered at all apart from him having moved up the ladder with his job, so this was a nice change. Hmm, I'm in need of a cup of tea I think!!
Sue xx

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