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Monday, 27 September 2010

My sixth sense is alive and kicking!!!

Picture son standing before me at 6.45 this morning. I know he wants to ask something because he always just stands first and the cogs are whirling in his brain but nothing is coming out of his mouth! I tell him I know he wants to ask me something, and just to tell it to me. He says he needs time to think about how to say it. I say I already know what he is going to ask. He, disbelieving, says I cannot possibly know this. I assure him I can and do! He starts to open his mouth and I say ' you want to ask whether you can go to America and study if it is possible'. Son's jaw drops wide open, eyes astonished...'how did you know that?!!' he says. I tell him his mother is a witch and she knows things before anyone else!!! ;-)
Then follows discussion about ' would you have any objection to me going to America for say, three months or longer, because Jacky's father knows a way to do it, maybe?' I ask all kinds of questions to which he gets irritated and says I am being melodramatic and he only asked one thing, would I mind!! I say, there are conditions attached and all kinds of information that has to be found out about, but by now he is not happy because I am being sensible and realistic about it all, and he just wants to hear ' you can go.'
It is too early in the morning to be confronted with this sort of thing, and I am trying to be calm and reasonable without discouraging his optimism, but at the same time knowing that this is what we call a 'shot in the dark.' Oh dear, when does it get easier please?
Sue xx

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