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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Great programme!

Just in case any of you have missed this series, take a look before it is too late! We love it! BBC2 " The Great English Bake-Off"; well, what do you expect with a son who wants to be a patisserie chef/baker?!!! I have to say that I am not terribly impressed with the standard of the baking but I just adore all that history about puddings and why we British are so attached to them, for example. It is great seeing a programme not just about meals and preparing food as a would-be chef; this focuses more on what we women - and men - enjoy doing as part of our family cooking rituals, and since Mary Berry is one of the judges, well, who hasn't got her books on their shelves?!! Since Tim and I do enjoy a good Queen of Puddings - actually the last real pud I served for our friends recently, it was fun seeing it on the programme last night. I like that the contestants have to come up with a variation on a well-known pudding but I am so glad I don't have to deal with suet!!! Not for me I can tell you - hate the taste! Maybe it has something to do with school dinners.....................the next episode takes them to Cornwall; whats likely to be on the menu there would you say?! Very obvious isn't it?
I was planning on replacing my song clips with one of my all-time favourite video clips but I am afraid it might be taken the wrong way, so I have simply watched it myself, promised myself the whole film one day soon, and will leave it at that for now. I know it will have its day.
Sue xx

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