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Monday, 13 September 2010

busy bee

The perspiration is dripping off my forehead!! Ouch, maybe I am not as well as I thought! Every time I start to do something my head thunders and I feel all hot and bothered again, so what to do? Sit here and relax, right?!
This morning I got a lot done and that feels good. I needed to be doing things, so when my friend rang to say she was able to pop over for coffee that was as good a reason as any to feel glad I had done so much so early on today. We sat in the garden and philosophized  - my 'Buddism for Sheep' came in very handy!! 'A trouble shared is a trouble halved' being the core of our conversation and our reflections about ourselves were useful and productive. Thinking about today, and not the future and not the far distant horizon which is fuzzy to say the least, does bring peace and quiet to the soul we discovered. Always questioning, doubting, wondering, fearing, missing, it is no use at all, and so I hope my friend went on her way a more cheerful and positive person than when she arrived. She has qualities she fails to appreciate in herself, therefore she constantly puts herself down in her eyes, failing to see how marvellous she is in others eyes. Makes it hard on herself which is a shame. I did try to use some of the 'coaching' techniques as we chatted to see whether I actually can do it...instead of the 'what I think you could try' ones but I would estimate I was only about 50% good at it! So a long, long road ahead. I am a novice again, when I am used to being the expert in my job, and that is tough on occasions.
What else is new in blog-land? It would seem that the run-up to the end of the year is causing people to take stock and share things about themselves that are both factual and fanciful and unknown to many in their circles, and I always quite enjoy reading what insights people have about themselves. I would hazard a guess that if I were to choose my top ten things about myself, on a spur of the moment/what pops first into my head basis, I might even surprise myself! Perhaps it would be more interesting to wait until the end of 2010 and then place a list about the top things one has either achieved or learned this year? I would add that my friend Ineke has to be top of the list for her developing technical abilities!! So impressed  with her
 "who needs a man to change a lightbulb" attitude and her tenacity with plugs, leads and sockets!!! Girl power is alive and well in Zoetermeer ladies!!! I confess to being more of the "know a man who can" type of girl as I have two left hands and two left feet and very little in between when it comes to DIY!!
The cats and Tim are enjoying Lord of the Rings on DVD by the sounds coming from his bedroom so I think it is time I searched the web for some ideas.........
Sue xx

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