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Monday, 6 September 2010

that restless feeling...

D'you ever get it? When with all your heart and soul you just know you are meant to be somewhere else? It is so difficult for me when I feel this way, and the onset of autumn is one of my most vulnerable moments in the year because I dream of faraway places and I long to be there. It only has to be windy with the scent of rain in the air and the smell of the sea and I can transport myself there...........several times today I heard clients telling me to open my eyes and wake up! I was not sleeping, just dreaming I guess, and I was so far away in my thoughts. I see exactly where I want to be: two places are my favourites. Either I am on a sandy beach with the rocks and cliffs behind me, and the breakers screaming from the ocean so loud I can hardly hear myself breathe, or I am standing on the edge of the rocks gazing down below me at the barren beauty of the landscape and the wind is holding me upright as I lean back into it. North and South have their appeal for me, I just love them both! My soul is homesick. I want to go home.
Sue xx

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