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Monday, 13 September 2010

Good morning!

Ugh, what an awful weekend I ended up with! It started Friday evening when my headache became unbearable and according to Tim I suddenly fell asleep on the settee and was un-rousable so he left me there  until I woke up by myself and crawled upstairs to bed. He was a little frightened I think as he is not used to seeing his mum ill, but he did the right  thing by leaving me alone so that was fine. All night I was in agony with a pulse beating throughout my body making every blood vessel sound as though it was Niagara Falls!! I was scared myself to be truthful.........all I wanted to do was drink lots of water. Anyway, I vaguely recall Tim going to work and me falling in and out of deep sleep the rest of the day. I only went downstairs towards the end of the afternoon but then that was to sleep on the settee!! The headache was terrible but whether it was a migraine or not I have no idea not being a sufferer, but it is finally easing today and I feel re-energised!! Sunday was a slow day too, to be honest, sitting outside with the cats for a while was nice but I didn't do anything much.
But as they say there is no peace for the wicked, so our dear son came up to me this morning at 7am to enquire where were the books and files we bought for college as he needed them for maths this morning. I reminded him that he had decided not to buy any during the summer as he simply didn't know what he would need; quizzical look from son: didn't remember that at all!!! So he went off to college with nothing this morning asking me to meet him this afternoon and go buy what he needs now he knows what that is!! I asked him, just for interest you understand, why he had not thought about this at the weekend.
" I don't think about college at weekends, mum!!!"
I suppose that is what they call living life on the edge!! No planning, no preparation, no thinking ahead, just waiting for the moment to come along and then sorting out everything around it instantly. Hmm....does that work for you?!! Certainly not always for me! I suggested he went into the shop at college and bought what he needed for today whilst he was there ( an obvious choice me thought ) but no, not going to do that, will go to the Action later with mother dear!! So I am enjoying the freedom of home this morning, with only the cats and the sunshine and things I want to get done on my activity list. This currently involves sitting here resting as I have over-exerted myself in my enthusiasm for pain-free living, and now need to calm down. Head beginning to thump again............
Sue xx

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