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Saturday, 25 September 2010

really nice day.

Ann and I have had a lovely day out together in Deventer today. I got brave and drove there myself which actually went really well! We took the 'back route' as it were, avoiding the major motorways and Amsterdam, but it was quiet on the roads and we did just fine. Pat on the back!! The town was not too busy and we were able to potter slowly and do what we wanted to, in the time that we had allotted, and despite the occasional shower of rain, it was a pleasant autumnal day. We went to visit my mother-in-law before leaving for home again, and I was very happy to see her and my sister and brother- in-law as well. It was a good surprise that they came round, so thank you guys for doing that. It was good to hear about everyone in the family and catch up with their things and just feel I was in touch with them again.
The drive home went well but it was horrible weather and there were the most awesome rain clouds over the Isselmeer as we drove across the dyke. People were even stopping to take pictures! It made such a difference having Ann in the car beside me, reading the directions and just chit-chatting away, and it didn't seem to take the time it used to, to get there. A stress-free day!!
Getting back home and relaxing has been the only thing I needed to do so now I am going to take that a step further and go to bed. I plan to enjoy my Sunday and get ready for the week of work that is ahead of me. You too?
Sue xx

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