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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Life in Lutjebroek!!

Genghis playing statues with the Frog!
Gebke proving her worth at dismantling work!!
Just rewards; sunny seat in the garden  for lunch!
Genghis & Finka are settled in comfortably on 'their' settee.
Girls doing dishes, men planing off door!! Dessert will follow,  promise!
During an evening of cleaning and making the house ready for  us moving in.
Tim and Harry on the one end...Frans busy at the other!!!
Frans came well prepared with his power tools!!!!

Sorry that I haven't got the sequence of events quite right but I am still learning how to upload now that blogger has changed the system!! Wish they wouldn't; confuses the old girl, y'know. But anyway, ages ago I promised I would show some photos of what has been happening over the past month, so here are a few now. The first one was taken last Sunday when we spotted Genghis sitting in the flower bed in front of a stone frog, looking for all the world as though he fancied being a statue in the border himself!!!
Then there are a few of Ann and Gebke when they have been over to help clean the house or paint or move rubbish etc for which I am eternally grateful to them for. Hence the dinner party to say thank you for all their support and friendship. We did need a small favour during the day though........and whilst I had got the plane at the ready, to be taught how to use it myself, so  I could tackle the door under supervision - Frans announced that he always carries his toolkit around in the car and if I had the power, he had the electric plane!!! So Tim man-handled it down into the garden and Harry and he held it straight whilst Frans did his thing!!! Don't have a photo cos I was at work but Harry did come round and weed the front garden for us so I feel very honoured that there gentlemen were so gracious towards me. Thanks guys!!!
I am busy up in the attic as was my intention today but this is a temporary sit-down/break/re-energise/memory moment.  I was going through some of the boxes to see if I could get rid of another one, and sort out the wardrobe, when I came across some smaller boxes which rattled. I came across an old, dirty silver locket which I used to wear constantly years ago. I knew which photos were in there without needing to look, so I took it downstairs and cleaned it up, and now it is sitting here beside the keyboard looking back at me. I guess the pictures it contains are from around 20 years ago now............maybe less, but definitely the Penistone era. Not a grey hair to be seen!!!! And then I have unearthed two very old albums, from '75 and '80........wow, doesn't that bring back a lot of memories!!! Hence my distraction and mini-break!!!
Sue xx

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