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Saturday, 4 September 2010

"Smelly stuff" happens!!!!

Grr........remember that niggle I've had about my car which has prayed on my mind for a while now? Having had the light replaced already this week, and booking it in for a mini service/oil change etc. I toddled off to Kwikfit this morning with my fresh copy of Seasons in my mitts and the hope of a quiet hour waiting for Phoebe to be done. Oh no, sorry madam, this will take until the afternoon!!! Have a coffee!! Ha! I thought I was stuck there for hours but I was very lucky that my friend Ann could come and collect me and take me back again this afternoon. Ring me when it is ready, said I. They did ring but to tell me my brake pads were rubbish and some other stuff and in total that it would be 3 times as much as I had expected! Safety comes first so no choice in the matter really but it is a real headache now this month and I am trying desperately to 'always look on the bright side of life' and equate this expense with everything else that I have to do................and not worry myself silly! In the great big scheme of life, my problem is tiny, I know that. And complaining never solved anything, so I am being positive and very glad that another friend rang to invite me to dinner this evening! I do believe that it will all be alright in the end - its the getting there that troubles me!!
But hey, the sun is shining and the cats and I have been out in the garden with a coffee and excellent home-made Carrot Cake, done some weeding in the back and tidied up the borders etc and now I am considering what to do that is useful but at the same time rewarding..........offers please?! Ah yes, I was going to start sorting out my shelves for in the snug and get them down, and start unpacking some of my scrapping supplies ( you thought I was never going to get started again, right?!) I just wish I could find that box with my other pictures in 'cos I am missing them now....................
Sue xx

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