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Saturday, 18 September 2010


We are back to normal thank goodness!!! Tempers are soothed, communication is flowing and harmony has been restored - thank goodness!!!

On the other hand we have found a leak in our attic thanks to the vigilance of our neighbour who had one and came to check whether we did as well........I think it is the tiles maybe that could have slipped etc but the housing corporation will come and take a look once they know about it, so I am not too worried really. Nothing is actually dripping up there!

Finka has discovered a new game: jump in the bin!! She dives in and then pops out again usually with some paper between her teeth.........not that we are impressed by this new talent she has perfected, since in a full bin it would be rather unpleasant to say the least, but her obsession with balls of paper and playing fetch is fun to watch as she skids around the living room at high speed chasing them. Her favourite though, is when I throw the ball from the bed and it falls down the stairs so she can helter skelter down the stairs, almost flying, the pitter patter of her paws sounding like a drumroll she goes so fast and then jumping up onto the bed and placing it just out of my reach ready to go again. Who needs a Retriever when you have a Finka?!! Tim wants to film her in action so watch this space! Maybe I will use the flip video camera at long last, eh?..................

We got a few little jobs done today which I am very happy about. Progress though slow is still progress and it was with quite a shock when I suddenly realised how soon it is until my friend comes to stay from England. Just two and a half weeks!!! So tomorrow I have to make a start on peeling off wallpaper in the hall and getting the doorframe cleaned up so that it can be sealed back into place. I can manage that!! It will be this weeks job. I hate mess and dust especially but there is no avoiding it I fear so I will just have to get a  mask to wear if I start wheezing too badly. And we had a little present in the post today from Bosch!! We have been waiting for the 'free' attachment set that was on offer with the electric screwdriver we bought back in July, and it is still delayed, so to thank us for our patience we now have a small set of bits to add to the one that will some day arrive! Well, that is fine by us. It was a lovely day after all.
Sue xx

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