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Thursday, 16 September 2010

My cousin is 50 tomorrow!!

Stephen enjoying his 50th birthday weekend in London
I'm caught in a trap, there's no way out, but you know how much I love you baby....
Stephen turns 50 tomorrow, happy birthday, cousin!!!!
I was there at their wedding and their 25th wedding anniversary and have so many happy memories of playing together as children and grown-ups. You're my favourite cousin Pitch!!!!

Tomorrow is my cousin Stephen's 50th birthday. We are great friends with one another and have so many happy memories that we share, from the very earliest days to now......here's a few:

Easter Eggs, in the hayloft, all nicely broken up and hidden from our respective sisters.....only to find them eaten by the farm cats!!!
The AI man.......no need to go into more detail, right, Pitch?!!! It was fun!!!
Hide 'n seek in the farmyard late at night at Christmas......
Shooting with the airgun at tins and later at clay pidgeons
Being Secretary to his Chairman of the Young Farmers Club
Barn dances
Tractor racing
Gigggling and giggling and giggling............
Christmas Eve Fun and Games
Becci's God father
Christmas 2009

These are just a few but there is photographic evidence of many of the above mentioned!! But you would have to pay a price to see them!!!
Sue xx

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