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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The Christmas Etsy Cribbles are starting!

Fatal, browsing Etsy. I am constantly amazed at the diversity of handmade items and crafts people are busy creating in their homes. If you have never taken the tour, make a cup of tea, lock the door, turn off the radio and indulge for an hour or two: www.etsy.com   -  FANTASTIC!!! I try to support all things handmade or from the FairTrade stores or brands as much as I possibly can, because as a scrapper, I know how hard people work to design and produce their own personal creations, and giving or receiving something another person has taken the time and effort to produce is worth such a lot more than something mass produced. In my opinion anyway, and since I am now in a situation whereby I cannot afford all the glitz of shopping in the department stores etc. I hope to get back to my own humble creations next month, once all of my stuff is unpacked and in my snuggery cupboard again. I am having to make choices though as I have too much to squash into the two cupboards, but the third one is going up in the attic so I can save things up there!! I have started blog wandering in scrapland again, to see what I have been missing and getting up to speed on what's new, but the challenge is going to be using up all my scraps first, and I think it is the nearness of Christmas that is giving me this shove in the right direction!! The stamps are all in my room, and this week the inks are making an appearance again, it is just the general lack of new paper as always that is bugging me, especially as I have not unearthed my stash as yet!!! Who put it in the boxes right at the back of the attic?!!!!! Ideas are brewing and my fingers are itching so these are the signs of an active creative vein once more throbbing with the  intention to DO instead of procrastinate!!!
Happy Tuesday to you!!
Sue xx

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