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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Easy start

Waking up half an hour earlier than normal has its bonuses!! I have had time for breakfast and some tea, to iron Tim's baking clothes for college today, read my mail, potter and take longer in the bathroom! Genghis is outside having his morning prowl - so far no hissing or loud cries from other neighbourhood cats so its quiet on the streets! - and Finka is mewing as she complains that she doesn't know where her furry friend is. My burn is peeling now, which makes it more painful again, so not impressed. It opens it up to irritation and I can feel it as I type, just being tender again. It's part of the healing process so I have to accept it, but I do wish I had a large soft plaster to go over it this morning!!
Nothing much more to add, and my time is fast running out as we approach 7.30am. I am better prepared for the coldness of our woodwork section and have got my coat out so that when we are wandering the town this afternoon following our paper trail, I will still be warm and toasty. This time of year is ideal for catching colds ( Tim sneezes on cue ) so best to wrap up and drink more tea - or coffee!!
Sue xx

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