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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Becoming independent.

It is sometimes hard to know who and where to ask about things when you have no real understanding of how the government organisations work when it is not your own country, so this morning, having the extra time before work, I have dedicated myself to ringing numbers, hanging on the line, and eventually sending emails once I had managed to find ones to send my questions in to!! Some sites even state that it is impossible to contact them directly, only through forms and questionnaires, and others tell you that you will have to wait at least 10 minutes before someone real - and other than an automatically generated voice, actually comes on the line!
So, the tax office, the education department, the central heating service..........all sorted this morning! Pat on the back, my girl! Not that I got much joy out of two of the above, but the nice man at the heating service will send someone out this Friday morning as 'he didn't want to think of me being cold!' How nice is that?!
The tax office works in the same mysterious ways as it does in England; you are entirely in their hands as to when they will get around to answering your question, roughly 8 weeks is necessary it seems, and they can't give you any indication of which way it will go before that time comes. And as for the education one....they only work using questionnaires so finding the one that is accurate for your personal question is like finding the proverbial!!! So I have to be more patient, dig deeper into my pockets and try to eek out what we have for a while longer, but still keeping my fingers crossed!

I also got technical Ineke!! Yey! I have got an earpiece to allow me to answer phone calls whilst in the car. I know, very advanced stuff for me! I got it to work once but then that was it, so this morning I decided to have another go - this time reading the 'F Manual' as well - to see whether I could get it to work again.
"YES - I CAN!"
So this means I am going to try again today and see whether whilst in the car driving, I can still remember what I have to press!!! I now know what I was doing wrong..................so that helps, but I will be reading the page again before I go, just to imprint the steps in my brain, and hoping that someone calls me so that I can test it!! ;-)
I think my reward for all this is knowing that Sense & Sensibility is going to be on this coming Sunday evening and I can sit and enjoy it once again. Never get tired of it!! Think this calls for a video clip......
Sue xx

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