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Sunday, 5 September 2010

weekend closing

I finally talked to my daughter today, which was lovely, but as unique as always, Becs!!! I promised you something on the blog so this is for you, maybe it will help!? I listen to this Tracy Chapman song a lot myself, for reasons you would understand,  but I have never shared it with anyone before, so this is me letting you in. Sometimes her words are rather difficult to hear but you can find them on the net if you can't hear them clearly enough.  I think it is because of how deep her voice is at times, but oh so soulful.
Anyway, let me know about the other thing we discussed and I will see what I can do sweetie.
Just watched EMMA which was of course lovely. Me and the cats curled up on the settee
and enjoyed the film together!
I wonder what series are due to come to the BBC this autumn, apart from Strictly ( big fan) and Arthur.............my Saturdays are going to be pretty well spoken for I can see!
Well, time for a cup of tea and then an early night for me. Makes the morning come quicker!!!!!
Sue xx

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