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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Sunny start

The sky is quite beautiful this morning as I look out from my snuggery window. I face the east, roughly, towards Enkhuizen, so see the sunrise in all its glory. It is not pink though, just clear and with the stripes criss-crossing it from all the plane trails. It is not cold, 20C in the living room but there is an autumnal nip in the air, and the windows are steamed up. I think Becci's walk over the Chase this morning will be stunning!
Cannock Chase in her Autumn Glory
Fantastic isn't it?! Imagine having this on your doorstep and being able to go there for walks whenever you want to..................I hope they have the same weather as we are expecting here today, and she takes her camera with her!!!!
I am getting ready slowly for my half day at work. It is allowing me to have a cuppa and warm up my towel before showering!! Yes, I cannot quite get used to cold, damp towels first thing in the morning, and miss it.
I have had to place my jug of roses in here because Miss Finka is determined to pick them out one by one and strew them all around the house! I thought it was just red ones,  so bought white instead, but she is obviously not fussy and likes to play with all colours! What is the fascination? Xander had it for tulips so eventually they were banned from the house, but she is a girl, so loves roses; who can blame her?!!!
She leaves all others alone, my flowers on the table not having been touched  ( apart from the odd chew on their leaves...) so I suppose its roses out, tulips back in!!!
( p.s. a kind friend commented that they liked my 'new look', so there!!! And it was an unsolicited one too!!! ) Have a nice day!!
Sue xx

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