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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Happy birthday darling daughter!!!

It's Becci's 24th birthday today so lots of love to you, sweetie!! She is spending it at Chatsworth ( where else?!) with Ric apparently so we are talking later on today. She has just finished reading about the Mitford sisters and wanted to see where the Duchess had lived.............I suppose seeking a peek at Darcy's pad won't go amiss either..............it's a beautiful place to visit so I know they will have a fantastic day together. Oh, and congratulations Ric on getting the new job!!! And I hope you find a new house soon - be over to visit when I can!
It is my study day so off to Amsterdam shortly. Tim is working so I have the day to myself really. Sunny but very windy so there is no chance of sitting outside sunning myself I guess, too fresh in the breeze. As it is getting close to the end of the first year  I confess to having some exam jitters already. I have started to take a serious look at the content of my essays - and realised they need to be so much longer than I have written at the moment! - and they need to be organised better. Help!!! That is not my forte shall we say? I do know how to write up references etc from my other studies in the past, but its the formatting in the computer that worries me. And an oral exam over the computer?????? What's that all about?!!! I was looking for a coach-supervisor-counsellor for my 6 hour requirement but so far no luck finding one. Will have to ask around more..............the one I had suggested to me is perhaps not exactly what I am looking for now I have read his profile, to be frank, but perhaps talking to him may set my mind at rest....will give that a go.
So, time to pack up the old kitbag - or briefcase, and toddle off to Amsterdam!
Sue xx

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